Dishes designed for a better body, beauty and mind.


Lyndsay Braswell

A simple dish you can make after work (I discovered after the fact Valentine's Day was on a Sunday!) that is full of ...


Lyndsay Braswell

Easy and healthy jalapeño poppers! Filled with cashew cream cheese and topped with crispy smoked coconut chips!

Black Bean Tacos and Edamame Avocado Butternut Squash Dip with Apple Chips

Lyndsay Braswell

Right after wrapping up the meal prep video series, I was able to put the prep lessons to the test as I needed the pr...

Crunchy Walnut Salad

Lyndsay Braswell

A simple salad designed with mind strengthening walnuts!

**VIDEO** 3 Ways to Make Creamy Sauces That Are Good For You!

Lyndsay Braswell

These are 3 of my favorite ways to make a thick, creamy sauce!  Super simple and full of healthy fats for strengtheni...

Black Bean and Rice Veggie Soup and Curry Kabocha Squash with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

Lyndsay Braswell

From frozen to fabulous!  Two plant based dinners I designed in no time thanks to the veggies I froze from last week'...

**VIDEO** How to Properly Freeze Veggies!

Lyndsay Braswell

A 2 min video on how easy it is to freeze veggies!  Learn how to blanch and how to package for even more convenience ...

30 Minute Dinners! Cajun Shrimp Stir Fry with Spicy Remoulade and Sheet Pan Lentil Pasta Veggie Salad.

Lyndsay Braswell

Two simple veggie centric dishes I designed with the veggies I prepped in the last video!  Even the clean up was quick!
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