Dishes designed for a better body, beauty and mind.

**VIDEO** How to Properly Freeze Veggies!

Lyndsay Braswell

A 2 min video on how easy it is to freeze veggies!  Learn how to blanch and how to package for even more convenience ...

30 Minute Dinners! Cajun Shrimp Stir Fry with Spicy Remoulade and Sheet Pan Lentil Pasta Veggie Salad.

Lyndsay Braswell

Two simple veggie centric dishes I designed with the veggies I prepped in the last video!  Even the clean up was quick!

***Video*** 5 Ways to Prep Ahead & Keep Veggies Fresh All Week Long for 30 min Dinners!

Lyndsay Braswell

In this video I share five ways you can prep veggies so you can prepare fresh 30 min dinners all week long! 

Ironman Pesto Bowl

Lyndsay Braswell

Ironman Pesto Bowls were some of my most popular bowls I served at my meal service business.  I share with you its re...

***VIDEO***Smart Meal Prep! My Top 10 Tips to Get it Done....Fast!

Lyndsay Braswell

Meal prep does not need to steal your weekends!  In this video I share my top 10 tips from what I learned during my m...


Lyndsay Braswell

Three plant based Thanksgiving Day dishes to bring the pretty and veggies to your table with make ahead tips! Not ev...

Roasted Root Vegetable Salad with Caramalized Sweet Onion Dressing and Pumpkin Croutons

Lyndsay Braswell

With the stressful holiday season coming ahead combined with the stress of the pandemic, it is more important than ev...

Zucchini Jalapeño Pesto Spaghetti Squash Flatbread

Lyndsay Braswell

A new way to use zucchini! In a pesto!
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