Dishes designed for a better body, beauty and mind.

Italian Quinoa Salad

Lyndsay Braswell

Setbacks in life are a positive because you are being strengthened for my glory to come! Plus a zesty Italian dressin...

Garden Pasta With Creamy Almond Basil Cilantro Sauce

Lyndsay Braswell

This mind strengthening sauce is absolutely delicious!  It's 100% raw meaning all you have to do is throw the ingredi...

Sunrise Soup

Lyndsay Braswell

Having a blended dish as your first meal of the day in the summer has a number of benefits.  It's easier on your d...

Greek Salmon Salad with Everything Yucca Croutons

Lyndsay Braswell

One of the best salad dressings of the summer season is Greek Vinaigrette!  It pairs so well with summer veggies!  Ea...

Mint Watermelon Cucumber Salad

Lyndsay Braswell

Includes two of the top water concentrated foods, this simple salad is what you need to be eating during this HOT sea...

Mediterranean Salmon Burger

Lyndsay Braswell

Combined with a pumpkin seed pesto and salsa made of black olives, artichokes and roasted red bell pepper with added ...

Caesar Salmon Burger

Lyndsay Braswell

A salmon burger "fried" in the air fryer! Topped with an avocado caesar dressing between a yucca burger bun, this cou...

Pad Thai Salmon Burger

Lyndsay Braswell

Since adding wild caught salmon back in my diet last year, I've experienced several different ways of cooking with i...
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