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Designed with detoxing, energizing and beautifying raw organic beet powder!  A natural rosy hue and sweetness from one of the prettiest root vegetables...beets!  

NO sugar added!

Higher in nuts, NutraBombs are designed with less than 5g sugar to not spike your insulin level but still sweet enough to cure your craving! 

Designed high in cashews to provide a low glycemic sweetness with healthy fats

Over half of the carbs in the NutraBombs are from plants! Raw cashews! Copper rich cashews help with strengthening bones and connective tissue, energy production, fighting off aging free radicals, and the production of skin and hair pigment.  Carbs that help make us stronger and prettier! 

Our motto

Designed with natural colors from nature, your eating experience is greatly enhanced by how fantastic your food looks which makes you feel and look more fantastic! 

sexy starts in the kitchen: dishes designed for a better body, beauty and mind.

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Lyndsay Braswell

I'm in the middle of reading "The Sweet Life in Paris" by chef David Lebovitz . I love his books because they combine...


Lyndsay Braswell

  I made the best tofu I've ever have! And it's due to one thing...pressing! Pressing is always a win... Being self ...
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