The Gift of Rain

I love when songs are written by the recording artist. I feel it more and that source energy is contagious. Jeremy Camp is a Christian artist I was introduced to a couple of years ago and I can’t get enough. He’s the only concert I’ve ever gone to where I cried during one of his songs. I was so moved due to my connection with losing a loved one from a deteriorating illness. I’m sure I’ll be writing about another one of his songs in the future but for now, my inspiration for this essay comes from his song No Rain.


It hadn’t rained for weeks here in Maryland, until last week when it wouldn’t seem to stop. Instead of being upset about it, it was welcomed with a parade for those of us with gardens. While my garden has been growing, hose water sprinkling doesn’t compare to the growth power of mother nature.

My garden is in full bloom after the rain. All my veggies are flowering, and they all look greener, more full, and more vibrant. Normally I start harvesting veggies late July, but thanks to 7 days of rain it looks like I’ll be filling up my garden basket in a couple of weeks! It’s amazing, and quite ironic, that the aftermath of a rain storm, is a more bountiful garden.

I’ve experienced my fair share of hardships, and the Titanic ain’t anchorin’. Most significant, losing my mother and sister to Alzheimer’s, followed by break ups and having knee surgery. With these traumatic experiences came creation. From these hardships, I developed a personal training business which led to a spice line which led to a meal service which led to a book that will lead to a lifestyle program that will lead to a retreat that will lead to a foundation. These creations wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t experience the rain of loss.

I’ve also grown within. I’ve become more patient, self aware, and resilient. When I protected my heart for many years and didn’t date, I missed out on the self development gained from experiencing adversity in a relationship. Whereas when I did put my heart on the line and felt the pain of a break up, it forced me to take a deep dive into myself. I had to own my stuff and get things in order. I had to own areas that were lacking and needed improvement, as well as the areas of beauty and strength that deserved celebration. This self improvement wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t experience the rain of break ups.

While experiencing hardships is incredibly painful, they give us the gift of growth and after the rain is gone, just like our gardens, we too can be prolific and offer more to the world.

How have you experienced the rain? Would love your comments. šŸ™‚

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