When Life Gives You Lemons, You Make Turmeric Hummus

Now that NC is trademarked, I'm feeling like a real brand & I have the Farm to Fabulous meal service up, I'm vowing to blog consistently.  I've had several different blogs in the past, "Raw with Envy," my journey giving up meat which included a lot of researched nutritional articles, "L'il Green Dress" blog was all about me living a green life mostly with vegan recipes, & "Miss CEO in Training" followed me in my all women entrepreneur program, ACTIVATE, where the NutraCouture brand concept was born.

This blog's purpose to give an insider look to my NC entrepreneur journey sprinkled with some food & nutrition info. Although I have been working towards NC for years, I feel now that it is being executed I actually have some fun moments to share...as well as not so fun. I've always wanted to create a honest, transparent brand & this blog will add to this experience.

Welcome to my crazy. :)

So what am I working on today?

It's been forever since I've had a fun wkd, but honestly I don't mind. Ok, at times I do & I plan on having even more fun in the future.  Just now it's sacrifice time. 

1. I've sent out my very first newsletter today! Yay! Technology still intimidates me, so this was a huge win.

2. Did a l'il creating in the kitchen. (Forcing myself to stop from all day cooking marathons in the kitchen to do things like blogging, cookbook, & marketing, plus my feet look like the 8th wonder in the world after spending all week on them!) Tested out some beet macaroons as well as turmeric hummus for my meal service on Monday. This idea came from my new friend Mimi who works at Bay Naturals, a health food store in Myrtle Beach I may go to once...or twice...or every other day.

I love my turmeric. 

Just simply add NC turmeric powder to a typical hummus recipe (chickpeas, lemon, garlic, sea salt, tahini). And look at this beautiful color! 


3. Uploaded pics on Pinterest.

4. Now doing a blog post. 

5. More work to follow....

Thank goodness for grape juice.  


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