Thousand Island Dressing


I don't know about you, but holiday life has taken my few hours of weekend meal prep time to 30 minutes!  Still you have to get it done because if you don't eat nurturing foods you won't have the energy to get what you need done, workouts will suffer and holiday stress + nasty foods = looking like sh*#! It's time to break out one of NC's Botox in a Bottle recipes!

Botox in a Bottle are sauces I created with fit and anti aging benefits. They are perfect for a busy life because they are full of nutrients, versatile, can be packed for on-the-go and take minutes to whip up! 

This was one I designed for Pump Cafe, and it is one of my favorites, a Thousand Island redo.

It's a neat and efficient sauce because it contains veggies in it.  So if all you do is cook up some frozen green beans, which happens frequently at the Braswell pad (the motivation to cook as a single person is pretty low. If I didn't have NC I probably would be eating the same thing everyday, driving my body and mind crazy with boredom which always leads to bad eating) and add some sauce to them, you can feel satisfied and have a nourishing meal in minutes. If you do eat meat, you could always just add some chicken to the mix for a paleo dish. 

One fun way I used it at Pump was to make one of my innovation bowls, the Big Mac bowl! 

Romaine, ground turkey, pickles, thousand island dressing and a homemade cracker sesame seed "bun"! (paleo)

This recipe makes a lot but it lasts all week and you can always half the recipe and save the other half of you red bell pepper and celery for dipping. :)

1000 Island Dressing (makes apx 4 cups)


Cashews, 1 cup 

Red Bell Pepper, 1, roughly chopped

Celery, 1 cup, roughly chopped 

Sun Dried Tomatoes, 1 small pouch or 1 cup, *soak in hot water just enough to cover for 15 minutes, preserve the liquid to use as some of your water

Lemon Juice, 1 big juicy one

Miso, 1 Tbsp (optional)

Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 Tbsp

Grapeseed Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2 Tbsp

Sea Salt, 1 tsp

Water, as needed 

*If you forget to soak your tomatoes or your sun dried tomatoes aren't blending, let all ingredients rest in the blender after you blend it up a bit. Then try again after 10 minutes.  


1. But everything in a high speed blender starting with liquid ingredients then red bell pepper then celery then tomatoes then cashews. Start with 1/2 cup water and blend. Add more water until you have a funnel in your blender.


Very creamy and thick as you can see! If you want to thin out simply add a bit more oil or water! 

 Love portioning out in small mason jars because sometimes I'm never quit sure how I'll use it! Also perfect for dipping! 

 I love to see your food designs! If you give this a go please tag #sexystartsinthekitchen or comment below.

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