3 Ways to Use Your Canned Coconut Water Leftover From Scooping Out The Coconut Creme

If you guys got to work on last week's Beautifying Tzatziki Cucumber Radish Salad, you may have thought to yourself what to do with the leftover coconut water. (more like a coconut water/milk) You don't want to sink it because it's hydrating and wasting is not cool. So today I'm sharing with you 3 ways ranking from quick fix to involving a little more ingredients and planning to use your coconut water/milk.

1. Make ice cubes! Everyone has an ice cube tray around, although I highly recommend you buy an extra large one. You can purchase on Amazon. All you have to do is pour coconut milk in, then pop out when frozen to store in a freezer bag!

2. Ready to Go Fit & Beautiying Mini Smoothie Jars! Summer is coming up...I think (still cold as a motha here in MD), the ultimate grab-n-go eating season and these mini smoothie jars would make for a nice, cooling, convenient and hydrating ready made breakfast!

Simply blend coconut water/milk with frozen fruit of choice and pour in 6 oz mason jars! You could always add non blended frozen fruit for some more depth and antioxidants, I love blueberries, some nuts or a nut bar mixure (almonds combined with dates in food processor) for texture, and/or protein powder for some extra body toning benefits! Freeze until ready to use! They will stay frozen for a bit depending on how hot, so if you plan to use right away the next morning, you could always set one in fridge to dethaw overnight.





3. Mind Strengthening Curry! This takes a bit more planning as you will need extra ingredients you may not have on hand.  You could always jar the leftover coconut water/milk and make curry the next day or two. Just grab some curry paste, add extra anti inflammatories, ginger, tumeric and garlic and mix with coconut water and you pretty much have a curry! To thicken you could add organic natural peanut butter or steamed sweet potato as seen here! 

 I hope you guys enjoy these simple ways to use your leftover coconut water/milk! Please do not waste it! It's Earth Day month! 

Do you have another way you like to use your coconut water/milk? Comment below! 

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