Five 3-Ingredients or Less Cajun Recipes


This season's sampler box along with 5 fit and beauty plant based snacks was a free sample of homemade cajun spice.  It's a blend of organic paprika, organic thyme, organic oregano, homemade organic garlic, homemade onion powder, sea salt.  The scent is amazing!  

I can't wait to introduce the spices as it is very hard to find blends that don't contain any additives in the stores.  Plus NC spices are designed with raw homemade garlic and onion powder, adding extra anti inflammatory benefits for detoxing and anti aging.

Here are 5 fun, fashionable, functional, allergen free, and simple cajun dishes designed with the spice blend. The last two are from customers! 

1. Cajun Sweet Potato Fries (vegan, paleo)

The smell that will fill your kitchen is intoxicating! 

Peel the skin off a sweet potato (you want the sweet potato to be dry) and cut into fry shapes. Place in a single layer in a 425 degree oven either on parchment on a baking sheet or I prefer to use stoneware dish. Either sprinkle on cajun spice or you can lightly toss in bowl with the spice. Don't mix too much or moisture will start and the spice will become clumpy.

Bake until the smell fills the room! Takes about 30min. 

Place fries back in seasoned bowl or sprinkle a little extra cajun spice on when done. 

2. Cajun Baked Cod (paleo, keto)

Use the same method as sweet potato fries! 

3. Cajun Jicama "Rice" Stuffed Avocado (raw vegan, vegan, paleo, keto)

To make jicama rice: peel skin off of a jicama with a peeler or a knife. A knife is probably more preferred as peel is tough. (Just be careful and use a strong knife like a chef's knife.) Roughly chop and stick in food processor. Pulse until you have a rice consistency. 

Cut open an avocado and deseed if you are sharing right away or keep the seeded one seeded for use till later (will help preserve its color). Place rice on top of avocado and sprinkle with cajun spice!

4. Cajun Salsa (vegan, paleo, raw vegan, keto)

Designer: Justin from New York City. 

In his tiny New York City kitchen with his tiny food processor (I love it!) Justin whipped up a homemade salsa with fresh tomatoes and the cajun spice! 

5. Cajun Sour "Cream" Dip (vegan)

Designer: Emily from Myrtle Beach.

Emily's daughter Izzy loves sour cream, but Em isn't a fan of serving it to her due to the hormones, so she uses Toffuti instead! In moderation. Emily simply added some cajun to the sour cream and Izzy wiggled her fingers with happiness! I love this idea! 

How do you use NC's cajun spice? Share #NutracoutureCajun


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