California Yucca Pizza


A few weekends ago I threw myself a birthday party.  I know so lame right.  But I'm not with a significant other and due to work/knee recovery/moving back and forth between Maryland and Myrtle Beach I haven't really had time to foster friendships, so I couldn't expect anyone to throw me a party let alone go out to a restaurant or drinks out.  Plus I love a good house party.

Being that cooking is such a big part of my life, I hope to entertain more in the future (once I have a chef's kitchen!) I just find it so gratifying especially since my food is to help bring greater wellness to my family and friends.  

I was really excited to share some of my food with my friends, also extremely nervous.  I mean if they thought the food sucked, how would I feel good about publishing a cookbook!  Luckily...they loved it!  I actually think the guys were more excited than the girls about it! 

I was really happy because between the decorations and the games and trying to look fly on my day, I feel like I ran out of time.  I was still folding the empanadas as they were arriving! But that was kinda cool.  Was able to give them a live cooking demo!  

I decided on 2 of my most innovative recipes, a yucca pizza and empanadas made with this puff pastry dough I designed. I also served a walnut kale pesto pasta dish that was made fabulous with butternut squash coconut sauce.  The yucca pizza (besides the cake) was definitely the hit!

I've shared this recipe before but I'm sharing again because I have step by step photos and there's been an update!  They now have frozen yucca root available!! And it's completely affordable! A 1.5 lb bag for only $2.50!

Frozen yucca saves SOOO much time and is all I use now. Before this pizza would have been hard to allow in the cookbook because it was very time consuming and inconvenient.  You have to store fresh yucca in the fridge and it is oddly shaped and sharp, you have to use within a few days, and it's hard to tell if you are going to get a good yucca.  Too much guess work.  But now Goya has brought us frozen yucca! (I found mine at Food Lion)

Looking ahead to the summer, yucca pizza makes a great summer food.  Tomatoes are in season during the summer and they give us lots of sun protecting lycopene.  During the summer we are more on the go and pizza is a utensil free on the go food. It's also a great grazing, lazy day summer food and a healthy Sunday Funday night recovery food! 

I love using avocado as a sub replacement cheese as I did in this version, which gives me creaminess with added moisturizing benefits.  Yucca is also full of Vitamin C which is collagen building! 

This is completely nut free! Fits vegan and paleo lifestyles.  It is carb rich but has some fiber so you may be able to get away with 1 piece if you are following a keto diet as long as your other carbs of the day are non starchy ones. 

I turn the pizza crust into bread crusts making toasts, panninis, rolls...I just love it!  I top it so many different ways!  This one is topped with SUN DRIED TOMATO MARINARA, CARAMELIZED ONIONS, AVOCADO and CILANTRO

What do you think? You ready to give this a go!? What are your favorite pizza toppings? I would love to hear! Please comment below! 


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