I love cold pasta salads in the summer and an avocado pesto makes for a creamy sauce which is a nice compliment to noodles' texture!

Thanks to the increase in market demand for vegan and gluten free products, and food manufacturing advances, we have an array of preservative free plant based noodles to choose from in all shapes. While they don't taste exactly like traditional noodles, some of them come pretty close. These black bean rotinis from Trader Joe's caught my attention awhile back.  Their color makes them intriguing but also a little narley, so they have just been sitting there in my pantry chosen over by its chickpea and lentil competitors. But I like rotating my legumes and I haven't had black beans in a minute, and with a nutrient count per serving of 15g fiber, only 2g sugar and 14g protein it was time to give them a shot. 

Personally, out of all the noodles I have tried, the black bean ones I find to be the least like traditional pasta. This is the second time I've had them and this might be a pasta to work up to. If you haven't tried plant based noodles yet, try one of the chickpea, lentil or quinoa ones first which you can sub in this dish. Go for these black diamonds later.  

With that said I love the black touch it gives to a dish, I love that it's so high in fiber and low in sugar, and I'm inspired to make another dish with it for my mid week meal prep. Something that may be more appropriate for black beans. Stay tuned! 

You will love avocado pesto!  I love adding a good extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil when I make avocado sauces because they make them SO creamy! Don't miss that step. EVOO is full of healthy fats and avocado oil builds collagen!

Make a big bowl of this and enjoy within the first 2-3 days!


Croutons add more texture and crunch! You can make croutons by cutting up some of your favorite gluten free bread or homemade bread into cubes, mixing with coconut oil butter flavored, and baking! You can make a big batch and freeze for when you want to add crunch to a dish!

Have you ever had black bean pasta? Which is your favorite plant based pasta? Please share in comments below!

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