Basil Tahini Spiralized Salad


  There are some food combos that simply belong together, peanut butter and jelly, fries and ketchup, tahini and kale. Out of all the sauces I've tried with kale, nothing rivals tahini. Plus sesame seeds are so good for you, not a common food allergen, and not utilized enough.

  Sesame seeds are a natural source of magnesium and calcium, both help build strong bones!  Also, they are an excellent source of copper which helps the formation of collagen providing us skin radiance! 

  Recently I posted a  jalapeno avocado pesto recipe which used basil, so I've decided to keep the theme going.  Basil is seasonal and this dish provides you another option to use it as you may have extra on hand from the pesto or it's growing crazy in your garden.  

To make this dish more paleo style, simply add chicken. 

Basil Tahini: (ladies 4-6 servings, gents 3-5 servings)

Sesame seeds, 1 cup

Lemon juice and zest, lots! Lemon is what makes a nice tahini! Start with 1 whole lemon. Buy 2 at the store just in case as lemons have different degrees of juiciness.

Garlic, 1 clove (will be garlicy-you can omit. Do NOT sub garlic powder.  Store bought garlic powder sucks and will affect the taste.)

Basil, fresh, handful

EVOO, 1/2 cup

Sea salt to taste


1. Place sesame seeds in food processor and process until a paste is formed. Takes a bit of time. 3-5 minutes. You may have to scrape down the sides while you are blending. 

2.  Add the rest of the ingredients except the EVOO. Restart processing. 

3.  Add the EVOO while processing. Mix until combined. 


Kale, shredded up with hands, rinsed and air dried (can still have some water, but less water the better)

Zucchini, spiralized

Sweet potato, spiralized

Broccoli florets, slightly steamed

For extra crunch and spice, add some bits of the Buffalo GLOW Crisps from the Summer Collection!


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