Beautifying Tzatziki Coconut Sauce

Tzatziki sauce is traditionally made with yogurt, but American yogurt has dairy, hormones and preservatives. You can get the same look and taste without all the nasty by adding a few ingredients to coconut creme!
Adding fresh lemon juice makes this yogurt more alkaline than Jamie Lee's which provides a more optimal environment for better absorption of raw apple cider vinegar's beneficial bacteria. 
Simple start with a can of COCONUT MILK.
Place in fridge overnight. 
Open up can and scoop out creme. You will be left with coconut water which you can use in a smoothie or soup. 
Thai Kitchen is a favorite! 
Place COCONUT CREME in blender.
Juice from 1 small LEMON
1 tsp of LEMON ZEST, minced 
SEA SALT to taste
Blend till smooth.
1/4 CUCUMBER, chopped small, non peeled
Fresh DILL, as much as you like! Start with leaves from a few springs.  You can use the rest as a pretty garnish! 
Blend till combined. 
Will be using for a very pretty and refreshing Easter dinner side dish! Subscribe below so you don't miss it! 
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