Body Toning Indian Tacos

A couple of weeks ago I listened to a podcast featuring a functional medicine physician who specializes in muscle-centric medicine, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon. I've been concerned about building my quad muscle back since my knee reconstruction and being that I can't lift with much resistance at all yet, I'm finding I need to be pay even more attention to my diet for hypertrophy.

One very important takeaway was needing 2.5 g leucine for muscle synthesis. Leucine is an essential amino acid therefore we need to get it from dietary sources, so I started researching. If you are eating a whole foods, diverse diet you wouldn't have to worry about as much, but if you are abstaining from meat or dairy you need to understand what plant sources supply amino acids especially if you are not supplementing.  I for one, rather rely on food for nutrients than manufactured supplements. 

Lentils are a source of plant based leucine containing 1.3 g per cup. Still not enough, especially since I'll only have 1/2 cup for a serving, but nuts and seeds (peanut butter is crazy high in it!) contain leucine as well as wild caught salmon which I've started to introduce to my diet these last 2 months. 

So my brain doesn't get bored and me being me, I started creating ways to enjoy lentils. One way was by designing red lentil tortillas!

To make the tortillas I binded the lentil batter with psyllium husk powder, which added body toning function to the tortillas!  

Psyllium husk powder is a soluble fiber (1 tbsp contains 6 g!) which helps us stay lean because it helps regulate blood sugar, therefore our appetite, and speeds up the rate at which food exits the body. We want to be a digestive machine to get aging and fattening toxins out of the way! Fiber also helps balance hormone levels which is so helpful for us women and is also VERY important for staying fit. 

Lentils are a typical Indian cuisine, so I figured to go with the theme to create these gorgeous tacos! 

Elements of these tacos:

Taco meat substitute: Baingan Bharta

You already have some protein in the tortillas so now it's time to load up on veggies! Eggplant and tomatoes are in season and eggplants are a kind of meaty veggie, so this traditional Indian dish version (does not have garam masala-but does have turmeric:)) makes a nice taco meat substitute.  

Eggplant prep followed by recipe.

Corn tortilla substitute: Lentil Tortillas

Full of soluble fiber and muscle building leucine! 

Sour cream substitute: Mint Crema 

Mint is great for our digestive system and contains 50% of our RDA for iron which is great for energy and brain function!

What do you think? Please comment below and be sure to follow NutraCouture on IG and FB and to sign up for the enewsletter to receive recipes like this by clicking here.   click here!   

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