5 Delicious Ways to Use the BUFFALO GLOW CRISPS


The Buffalo GLOW Crisps are one of the favorites of the Summer Collection '17 thanks to their taste and their versatility! They add a healthy crunch and can glam up any dish! Plus the crisps are loaded with nutrients helping to satisfy our nutritional requirements which in turn has us eating less because our body is getting the nutrients it needs to function! 

Packaged in blocks, you can break off as big or as small pieces as you'd like allowing the GLOWS to have more uses. 

Check out these 5 deliciously creative ways to enjoy the GLOWS! 

1. Popcorn

When you eat popcorn on its own you will eat buckets full, and personally I find plain popcorn boooorrring! By adding the GLOWS you will have more taste, spice and fats which will not only make your popcorn bowl more sophisticated, it will also satisfy you! 

2. Salad Topper

Crisps are your new sexy crouton! 


3. Sushi!

Some of the tastiest sushi is designed with tempura.  The contrasting texture it brings to sushi makes it appealing. But tempura is fried and our mugs don't like fried foods. Crumbling up some of the GLOWS on top of your sushi will give you the added crunch, and unlike tempura, will provide your skin with anti aging nutrients.


4. Alternative to an On the Go Salad Dressing! 

Traveling and grabbing a quick healthy bite is difficult. We often go for a salad but there is never a healthy salad dressing. Instead, throw on some crisps for your salad dressing sub! It will make that salad so much more delicious and by providing healthy fats will help satisfy you!  The typical cucumber and tomato will add the liquid you need in the salad or simply squeeze on some fresh lemon. 


5. Crackers

Break off to preferable size and enjoy them as gluten free, preservative free crackers!



Mouth watering yet? ;) 

And by the way, the GLOWS are designed with homemade, raw, organic turmeric powder. :)

GLOW Crisps are available in full size Aug 8-15 (SHOPNOW) or sample them in the Summer Collection Sample Box available until Aug 30. (SHOPNOW

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