CARROT CAKE That Leaves You Sitting Pretty!

This Carrot Cake is like non other! Designed out of plantains! Yes this cake is designed out of a fruit! No flour meaning no powdered mess! Oh yeahhhh!!  Love that! Plus all the sugar in the cake is naturally from fruits and vegetables! 

You ready to give this a go? If you are hesitant, try just testing out only the cake part.  Forgo the extras and make a simple batter of plantains and eggs.  Plantains are only 33 cents each and you only need a blender.  You'll get a good feel for how plantains bake as well as your oven, and you'll still make something tasty. Maybe it will also give you ideas to make your own favorite cake! 

If you won't be making this for Easter, what will you be making? Please comment below! Would love to hear as I'm sure others would!

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