Chzy Chickpea Caballero Burritos

Peppers lightly steamed with a chickpea tomato filling and topped with cauliflower cashew brazil nut cheese. 

Blame it on all the non processed whole food, home based eating or maybe just becoming a food snob, but I'm not into floured wraps. They just taste blah humbug to me.  And they take away from the taste of everything that is inside them. Does anyone feel the same way?  But I love the experience of eating wraps & I love all the fillings, so I had to figure out a pinch hitter.

Hello caballero peppers.  

Caballero peppers are cylinder shaped, perfect for stuffing & can fit in your hand. And they are way prettier than blandy bland flour wraps. 

They were designed into not only a gluten free, flourless burrito but one filled with body toning protein & fiber from the chickpeas, skin glowing selenium from the brazil nuts, & detoxing cauliflower. 

Chzy Chickpea Caballero Burritos 


Caballero Peppers, 2

Romaine lettuce, a few leaves 

Chickpeas, 1 can organic, drained & rinsed 

Sweet Onion, 1/4, chopped very small

Tomato Paste, 1-2 Tbsp

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 Tbsp

Cumin, 1 tsp

Chz sauce:

Cauliflower, 1/4 head

Cashews, 1 cup

Nutritional Yeast, 2 Tbsp

Brazil Nuts, 1/4 cup

Apple Cider Vinegar, 1.5 Tbsp

Sea salt 1tsp (add as desired)

Water, enough to make into a thick sauce. Depends on how moist your cauliflower is, so start with 1/2 cup.



1. Cut off tops of peppers & hollow out insides with a spoon.  Try to get out as much of the white as possible by scraping with the spoon

2. Steam pepper in pot with a little bit of water. Steam just until they've become soft. I go for a boil then turn off while keeping pot on stove. Takes about 7-10 min to get soft.   

3. Smash up chickpeas with a meat masher or go ghetto with the bottom of a cup. Some beans can stay whole, it just makes it easier to eat with some smashed up.

4. Mix chickpeas with the rest of the ingredients.

5. When peppers are done stuff with romaine lettuce & chickpea mixture. 


1. Steam cauliflower till fork tender

2. Place cauliflower & the rest of the ingredients in a high speed blender or nutribullet. Blend till smooth. Add water as needed. 

Top peppers with chz. 



Or keep chz on the side and eat with your hands! #onthefly


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