5 Cooking Up Some Sexy Kitchen Must Haves!

This is my list of the top 5 Kitchen Essentials to cook up some sexy! 
1. Chef's Knife. My chef's knife is over 10 years old and I use it everyday to cut almost everything! Purchase one separately for around $30. 
2. Food Processor. When I'm not using my chef's knife, I'm using this guy.  I use it to make pestos, some sauces, cauliflower and jicama rice, nut butters, shredding cabbage and I use its attachment to make veggie noodles!  I use a Cuisinart 11 cup one. (click here) You may think that is too big for a single person, but I would not go smaller. This size allows you to make in bulk which is essential for meal prepping. $143.99
3.  Stoneware Dish. I bake almost everything in this thing (as you can see). I never use aluminum foil and most of the time no oil when I bake with it. I'll just throw sweet potato fries right on there! You can find one of these on the cheap at Tuesday Morning, Home Goods, or Marshalls.
4. Dutch Oven. This is my newest addition and I seriously don't know how I lived without it. I use to use an aluminum pot only because of the cost, but there is a reason why it's so cheap.  Once you burn something in one of those things, there is no turning back! Plus the taste of your creations in a dutch oven is so much better. I also find the dutch oven a lot more user friendly as burning things is not as easy as in an aluminum, and you will want to use it because it's so pretty! A nice dutch oven costs less than $50.  Comes in all kinds of colors! This is the one I have (click here) by Tramontina. 
5. High Speed Blender. You need this guy for smoothies, sauces, nut milks, and pureeing soups. I have a Blendtech but some of my friends love their Vitamix.  It will be your most costly of the list around $300 but as long as you take care of it, it will last you. If you don't want to spend the money initially, you could start with a Magic Bullet. 
With these 5 items, as well as a cutting board, measuring cups & spoons, and small spatulas, you are well equipped to cook up some sexy! Now we just need a cute apron...;)


If you guys use any of these and have some tips or brands you love that you'd like to share please comment below! 

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