Clean Ferrero Rochers! You're Welcome!

I don't know about you guys but my faaaaavorite holiday candy of all time...the one I just can't stop with is Ferrero Rochers. I just love that contrast of crunchy coating with that creamy ganache filling. Oh man they are good, but like I said when I start I can not stop with those bad boys and considering I'm lactose intolerant they not only are guilty of a waistline increase they also cause some serious skin inflammation.  

Rather than test my will power, I choose to develop a clean version that is not only dairy free but contains raw cacao which is one of the top foods for our minds! It's a natural form of mood elevating serotonin! 

I do sometimes go for a second one of these but I don't keep going like I do with the real things and it's not because they aren't delicious. When you make naturally without any perservatives your body is not confused with toxins entering the body and knows exactly how to assimilate all the nutrients coming in, therefore it is happy and satisfied! :)

I found this box and mini cupcake liners at Michaels! Makes for such a pretty presentation! 

If you do try these out I would love to hear how it goes! 

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