Corn & Sun Dried Tomato Sweet Salsa to Pesto!

Corn. Sun Dried Tomatoes. Basil. 

As a salsa or... 

as a pesto! 

Corn has been given such a bad rep. Just like the potato, corn is boated off the Island of Sexy Body. Potatoes have a bad rep because people normally eat them with butter and sour cream.  Corn has a bad rep because it's prone to being genetically modified and a major ingredient in corn syrup. But just like if a potato is eaten with ghee or coconut oil instead, when corn is organic and eaten in whole form (and as long as you don't have any severe digestive issues) it can be part of a healthy diet. It contains antioxidants, fiber and protein! Naturally sweet, it also helps satisfy that tooth. 

It also happens to make a great salsa and pesto.

Organic corn is difficult to find fresh, but usually you can find bags of organic corn kernels in the freezer section which is the second best thing plus you don't have to shuck them!


Corn kernels, ORGANIC (very important!),1 frozen bag, dethawed 

Basil, 1 bunch, just the leaves

Sun Dried Tomato, halves, 6

Lemon Juice, from 1 lemon

Sea salt, 1 tsp

Garlic clove, 1 

For pesto: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1/4 to 1/2 cup 

Instructions for salsa:

1. Put all ingredients in a food processor and process until desired consistency. 

Instructions for pesto:

1. Put all ingredients in a food processor and process while you pour the EVOO into the top spout. Pour until suggested or desired consistency. 


Stuff an avocado with the salsa! Enjoy with hands or fork! 

 Top the pesto over zucchini noodles and chopped up cherry tomatoes! 

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