No baking soda or baking powder, mixer, rolling pin, or precise measurements needed!
Is it me, or do you always feel when you are in the baking mood you have everything BUT baking soda/powder? Usually too when you're feeling Betty Crockerish it's a lounging around messy bun possibly no shower not planning to leave the house kinda day. Or if you have them they are expired or spoiled because you haven't used them since last time you baked which was definitely not yesterday? If this happens to you too please comment below! 
Neither one of these makes a cameo in these cookie sandwiches. Plus these sandwiches provide mind benefits from raw cacao, one of the top foods for mental clarity! 
Quinoa flour adds a clean plant based protein source to the cookies and date paste has fiber. Both of these ingredients help regulate the affect these cookie sandwiches have on your blood sugar levels, so you don't have as much eagnerness to eat the whole batch like you would Duncan Hines! Plus the crispiness of the cookie helps slow your eating. 
RECIPE NOTE: Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with a spoon, but then you will have to finish off mixing with your hands. You want a sticky cookie dough consistency. Either add more date paste or water till you achieve the consistency. If it feels too wet, simply add more flour. 
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