Edamame Guacamole & A Trick to Keep Your Guac Green!

I discovered a trick that will keep your guacamole staying bright and green! Add lime juice before adding the avocado! This simple change up in your guac prepping process makes a huge difference!

Once you start cutting up an avocado it starts oxidizing which causes the nasty brown color. Lime juice helps, but adding after the avocado takes a few minutes to squeeze it on (possibly more if you have a stubborn lime) and it doesn't coat the avocado well. By already having the lime juice in your bowl, as soon as you scoop out your avocado it hits the lime juice in seconds seizing the oxidation! It also coats the avocado so much better!

Featured pic is from the second day after making the guac. (only some brightening and a little contrast edit)

This below pic from day 5. (only some brightening and little contrast edit)

Awesome right!? No brown! 

Now to the recipe's nutrition...

Soy is controversial for various reasons. One is since it's an ingredient in a lot of food (even some chickens are fed soy) our bodies gain an intolerance for it, it is one of the foods that is prone to GMOs, and the estrogen link. Personally I have found I have a soy threshold. If I eat tofu, I can handle 1/4 maybe sometimes 1/2 of the block, but if I eat the whole thing it throws my body off and the next day I'm a sensitive mess!  But I do love tofu, miso and I LOVE edamame.  I buy organic so I don't have to worry about GMOs, I don't eat soy regularly and I don't eat any foods that contain soybean oil. I enjoy on occasion because soybeans are full of fit and beautifying benefits! 

Soybeans are a complete protein (1/2 cup has 11g protein) which we need to help build lean muscle as well as the production of structural components that help skin look youthful. They are high in the essential amino acid leuicine which I explained before in the India Taco blog post is vital for muscle synthesis. They are also crazy high in fiber, 9g in 1/2 cup! 

Edamame is fantastic on its own with some sea salt, but I LOVE it in a guac! The taste is awesome, it adds protein, and it extends the life of my guac...meaning I don't eat it all in one sitting! 


If you can tolerate edamame you gotta give this recipe and trick a try because avocados are one of the best foods nature has given us for body, beauty and mind! 


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