Take a beat from zucchini noodles and make some of these zucchini boats instead! 

This holiday weekend I've been trying to work on the tie ends of my book.  It is such a process and I'm sure I'm overthinking but for the most part, it's a lotta effin work.  Final editing as I'm finding involves high concentration and lots of decision making.  

So I've been doing a lot of computer eating.  I know not the best but it happens at my desk job so I'm pretty trained at it by now.  Being utensil free these boats allow me to take a bite and enjoy while I click away on the keyboard. The zucchini has just enough crunch to help slow down my eating.  When I eat too fast not only do I eat too much but it impairs my focus.  

These are light so my brain can still function well and my body is not tired from digesting.  Also eggplant includes a special anthocyanin antioxidant called nasunin that helps protect brain cells and helps blood flow to the brain!

It's just ending the peak season of zucchini so make these now! 



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