Although it's January 103rd here in the MD, we have entered in the warmer seasons which means even less time we want to be in the kitchen. Alas, we still need to take care of what we put in our bods, especially during a time of lots of sun, summer entertaining shenanigans and midriff exposure.  Do not worry ladies and gents, I got you.

I'm going to be sharing recipes that are not only seasonal and healthy, but ones that will fit in your on-the-go x 10 lifestyle and I'm starting things off with falafels.

Falafels make the cut because you can eat with your fingers, they are light yet satisfying, they are freezable, and they pair well with two of the most beautifying summer vegetables, cucumbers and tomatoes as well as cooling tzatziki sauce. Cucumbers are very hydrating and tomatoes contain one of the most potent sun protecting antioxidants lycopene.

Falafels, however, do require a little planning.  These ones especially as I have you roasting carrots and stir frying some onions. I'm sorry! I tried to make them with raw carrots and onions, but it was not the same! But these are something you may find yourself making every week or every other week, which with habit will just become easier and faster! Remember too they are freezable. So take the time to do once a month! Enjoy fresh ones for a week and freeze the rest! 

Here I used on a coconut wrap with homemade hummus and some of the Tzatziki cucumber and radish salad I made for Easter Dinner. 

No time to make hummus, you can buy a clean store bought one as a faster option. While it might not be as healthy as homemade, you are still getting all the nutrients from the other elements of the dish and semi homemade is better than no homemade! 

Not able to make the Tzatziki Cucumber Radish Salad, simply make the Tzatziki Coconut Sauce and throw the falafels in a salad! 

RECIPE NOTES: You want the batter to stick. When rolling if it feels like it's falling apart, add more almond flour 1 tbsp at a time. You shouldn't have that problem with these as the roasted carrots and pan fried onions help stick it all together.

Even if the first time the falafels don't turn out as planned you can have a protein rich crumble to top on your salad or soup! 

Don't miss out on any summer lifestyle friendly recipes designed to keep your body, beauty and mind in tip top shape! To sign up for NC's newsletter   click here!   

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