I made the best tofu I've ever have! And it's due to one thing...pressing! Pressing is always a win...

Being self taught I research cooking techniques all the time but most are too complicated.  So I am left with instinct.  Which is what happened with this tofu prep and it worked!  I took the normal 30 minute pressing, 1 towel to hours and a second towel and that was totally the ticket to most texture loving, flavorful tofu eva!!! 

Pressing all the water out of tofu properly takes time and is the secret of the best tasting tofu!

I could have ate this whole block of tofu. It was so good!!!  No lie...the best I've ever made. (Again..pressing...always) But if I did I know I would be punching and screaming and estrogen crying...so I am testing the frozen waters with it now to see how it will freeze.

I am not bowing down to tofu.  One dish a week or every other yes.  I would definitely do more if I could because I love it!  It is full of plant protein. ;)   We are all different at different ages and workouts, so test to see what you can handle. 

Don't make the pressing complicated. You are basically wrapping tofu in a towel.  Placing something heavy on top.  Once towel is wet. Change to a dryer area of towel or another towel! 

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