Grilled Peaches and Bell Pepper Pizza with Balsamic Glaze

Don't be afraid to keep making the same dish over and over again until you master and/or get bored with it.  The more you make it the faster you will be at prepping it freeing up your time, the less decisions you have to make freeing up your energy, and the more bold and creative you will become with it building your mind!


I've shared yucca pizzas before and I'll keep sharing them because I love them, eat them often, and keep them interesting by changing up the toppings.
Our jobs are full of decision making all day so by giving your diet some sort of consistency,  you free up space to not think about ingredients, the method, time needed to make, or the equipment to use.  As long as you are still enjoying the dish why not?
I'm infamous for making the same type of dish with a simple twist in the look to keep it feeling new and fresh.  I learned this trick from my fitness training.  I'll turn a bodyweight reverse lunge into a dumbell reverse lunge with a bicep curl and the next week turn it into a bodyweight reverse lunge with twists (AKA "Wringing out the Dirty Towel").  A simple change up in an exercise that I love for shaping the glutes, the reverse lunge, allows me to keep doing it consistently without being bored!  Learn the technique of the most difficult part of the movement (the reverse lunge) like this dish (the yucca pizza crust) then you can be switch it up in so many ways keeping your mind happy! 
A lot of what I make takes no special technique or skill at all, but there is some planning which I'm here to help make that easier!  You just need to carve out the time.  Which again, the first time you make this will take longer but you will get better.  Just make it every weekend until you got it! 
Friday night: Prepping the dough.  Usually done while I'm getting ready if I'm going out or if I'm not going out while I'm putting away groceries or doing some other wkd food prep.  I cook the frozen yucca till soft then smash it with a fork when done in a bowl to try to make smooth, and take out the stems.  I'll add the other ingredients, form into a ball, cover with plastic wrap and place in fridge.
Saturday or Sunday: Making into a crust. Baking. Topping. 
Dough is already prepped, so all I have to do is shape it into a pizza crust by hand or with a rolling pin then bake! 
While it's baking I'll prep the toppings. 
This part takes apx 1 hour. But then you have a big ole pizza to cut up and enjoy for lunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday! Will also carry thru depending on the toppings till Thursday!
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