How NutraBombs Can Help Cure Your Chocolate Chip Cookie Craving!


A strange thing happened after I started designing the NutraBombs, specifically the chocolate chip ones, my craving for chocolate chip cookies went away. Chocolate chip cookies, might I add, are 1 of my top 3 things I would take to the desserted island.  

I noticed it especially Christmas '16 when I was faced daily with chocolates and yet, no desire for them. Not even the Ferrero Rochers! 

I knew it was because of the NutraBombs, but I wasn't sure why. Then I was introduced to the sensory-specific satiety principle by the Diabetes Summit. This belief is if you start enjoying a healthy equivalent to something unhealthy with similar taste and texture, then you experience a decline in wanting the unhealthy version. It's a little more involved but this is part of the principle that relates to the no craving phenomenon.

As always I never promote something I have not tried or experienced myself, and in 2 years since I've had the Chocolate Chip NutraBombs I haven't been tempted by chocolate chip cookies. My face and hips thank me. 

Do the NutraBombs have fat..yes...(good fats) the NutraBombs have sugar....yes.. (minimal and from plant based sources) are the NutraBombs with calories...yes. They are designed with clean ingredients your body understands therefore they digest better. Plus they have nutrients that help achieve body tone, skin glow and mind clarity.   A sweet treat that helps you live well! 

The last day to order till the Fall for the chocolate chip flavors (Brownie, PB Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip and Mint Matcha Chocolate Chip) is May 11. They are made to order and will keep fresh in your freezer all summer long! Perfect for a grab-n-go energizing breakfast, they taste great with coffee, on the go snack, or a guilt free sweet tooth fix! 

Click here to start shopping! 


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