Spicy Honey Mustard Miso Dressing

Both miso and raw apple cider vinegar help promote healthy gut flora. The better the gut is the better we can digest and assimilate beauty & fit nutrients! 

And both are in this botoxed honey mustard dressing! Yes our favorite dressing that is normally full of aging high fructose corn syrup & preservatives can be designed with beautifying & healing foods! With only 4 ingredients!  

In a magic bullet:

Dates, 7 (if they have pits which you would need to take out pitts), if they are pitted only about 4-5 dates 

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 Tbsp 

Sweet & Spicy Dijon Mustard, 8 Tbsp (This is a flavored dijon mustard. You can always use plain and add cayenne for the spice. You just may need to add more dates for sweetness) 

Non GMO, White Miso, 2 heaping Tbsp


In Magic Bullet or high speed blender put dates in and cover with water just until they are covered.

Let sit so dates can soften. Alternatively you can use already prepared date paste or raw honey.

I let it sit for an hour.  If your dates were softer you might get away with less time.

Blend softened dates and water till smooth. 

Add the rest of the ingredients. Blend. 

Mine kept in fridge for 2 weeks. 

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