How to Pick Avocados for Meal Prep to Enjoy all Week!

I'm in the middle of reading "The Sweet Life in Paris" by chef David Lebovitz . I love his books because they combine storytelling of his life in Paris, recipes and food preparation done the French way.  I like to learn of how the French ladies dine because they eat pastries, drink wine and still look fabulous! 

Something that struck me in my reading last night was David stated Parisians spend more time sourcing ingredients than the actual preparing of the dishes.  They focus on buying local, seasonal and fresh ingredients.  (Not noted in the book, but all non GMO since it's not allowed in Europe).  While we do promote eating locally and fresh in the US,  I do wish we would place more value in it in regards to someone's diet and weight management rather than calorie counting. 

When I had my meal service I would go to 4 or 5 stores/farmers markets ensuring I bought the best ingredients I could for the dishes which would take a Friday afternoon and Saturday morning!  Please do not think you have to go to all those stores for your ingredients.  I had to run around because I was buying for 8 different dishes for a big group of people and was on a very strict budget.  Point is, I spent a lot of time handpicking the best ingredients which I do believe played a huge part in the deliciousness of the dish because there were no fancy cooking techniques involved at all! 

If you know when to say yay or nay to a fruit or vegetable by the way it looks and feels as well as have an understanding what's in season, you can get your shopping done in one store/market in a reasonable amount of time and it doesn't need to be at a Whole Foods!  I never shop at one! 

With that said definitely shop at a store with great produce! 

Today I'm going to share with you how to pick the best avocados that you can enjoy all week! 

Personally, I hate the way really ripe avocados taste.  I prefer to purchase avocados that are hard, sit them on my shelf and just pinch them daily to see how they are going.  I like to use them just when you can pinch a little in them.  They aren't super soft inside but still fork tender.  I'll throw 2 or 3 of them in a blender with lots of citrus juice and sea salt, and the sauce will stay bright green all week! 

Below I have pictures I took of avocados from day 1 of their purchase to when they were ready to eat! Bought on Thursday (I prefer to do my shopping on Thursday nights because after my meal prep days and not being close to any Farmers Markets I vow never to shop on the wkds again! Unless for an emergency visit. Plus I prefer and advise not to do meal prep the same day as you go shopping) and full throttle on Saturday and Sunday!

I hope you found this helpful! Do you have any tricks for picking avocados? How do you like to use them in your meal prep? Would love to hear! 

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