Body Toning Jicama Jalapeño Salsa


Chances are you haven't enjoyed this watercress texture, cross between an apple and potato tasting root veggie. It is slightly intimidating looking, and you may not know what to do with it as it doesn't get that much press on the internet.  But it's such an amazing guy with lots of body toning benefits, and I want to help bring it into your life! This salsa is one way to enjoy that's simple, tasty and perfect for summer time.

Jicama is:

  • 86 to 90% water!
  • Low in calories. One cup has only 49 calories!
  • Gut friendly! It's a source of inulin, a prebotic that promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut. Believed to help support weight control and metabolic functions, balance hormones naturally and improve digestion!

Jicama can be either found refrigerated or non in your grocery store. I've found when they are in the fridge they are fresher looking. Plus the stores that do fridge them seem to have the freshest looking produce overall. 

Now to the salsa...

Jicama Jalapeño Salsa


Jicama, 1, peeled 

*The skin of a jicama is tough. I cut off with a knife instead of a peeler. Might have lost some but it was a lot faster process. Only suggested to do if you have a nice Chef's knife and you know how to use it. 

Jalapeños, 4, 3 deseeded, roughly chopped and save seeds from 1

Onion, 1/4

Cherry Tomatoes, 1 carton

Cilantro, 1 bunch preferably living or organic

Lime, 1, juice

Sea salt, to taste


With knife:

1. Cut jicama and onion into small cubes.

In food processor:

1. Cherry tomatoes, cilantro with stems, jalapeños and pulse till you have a chunky consistency. Start adding seeds till desired heat. 

Add all veggies in a bowl. Add juice from 1 lime and sea salt to taste. Combine and let marinate! The longer the salsa marinates the better it is! So it's a great make ahead! 

Enjoy with organic tortilla chips. I had mine with homemade beet flax crackers. :)



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