Mac and Cheese Soup


I love when I can bring the tastes and textures of a dish that is normally unhealthy to a lipoed one with benefits! 

But really the focus of this blog is to show you how you can simply swap one ingredient of a recipe to trick your mind into thinking it's eating a completely different dish!

Keep your mind guessing, keep your body guessing. 

This recipe is almost identical to last week's Jalapeño Butternut Squash Soup.  I simply swapped chickpea pasta shells for the butternut squash noodles giving this dish a whole new look!

There was one other switch up which is not necessary but I love a little sweetness added to a savory dish, so I topped my soup off with roasted cherry tomatoes. I also love the pop of bright red against the yellow!  This simple touch adds to making this look like a completely different dish as well as adding more beautifying nutrients!

Make this one Thursday night and the next Thursday make the Jalapeno Butternut Squash Soup. You will be use to the process therefore less stress and decision making! 

We definitely can check off a glass for our daily water count by enjoying a soup and the added turmeric provides us with anti inflammatory anti aging benefits! 


If you are making for some who love spicy and some don't, don't use any seeds from the jalapeños and place some jalapeño powder on the table for those who love spicy! It's available now in grocery stores and online! (I use to handcraft myself from an organic farm 6 years ago and sell but taking a time out from spices.)

I hope you give this soup a go and it warms you up! If you do try I would love to hear about it by commenting below! 

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