Mango Jalapeño Sun Dried Tomato Salsa


Jarred salsa no matter if it's organic is going to have something shady in it...and when homemade is EASY and much more tasty, there is no excuse not to do the Martha Stewart on some tomatoes. 

All it takes is a food processor and a knife to make a fabolous salsa.  The longer it marinates the tastier it gets, so it makes a great party dip because you can make the day before! 

Ton of lycopene and beta carotene, this fresh salsa will also fill you and your guests with nutrients that help protect against too much time in the sun! Not that anyone will care, but at least it makes the host/hostess feel kinda good. ;)


Mango, 1, chopped into small cubes

Cherry Tomatoes, 1 package

Sun Dried Tomatoes, 6 halves, chopped (opt. if you don't have this salsa will still taste amazing!

Sweet Onion, 1/4, chopped into small cubes

Jalapeños, 4, de seed 3 and keep the seeds for one. 

Cilantro, 1 bunch

Lime, 1

Sea salt, splash


1. In a food processor place cherry tomatoes and pulse until small. Place in a bowl.

2. Run three swift chops down the bunch of the cilantro (stems included-you can eat them!) and add in food processor.

3. Add jalapeños to food processor. If you don't want spicy, don't add any seeds. If you do add a little at a time till you get the spice you are looking for. In general: One whole jalapeño with seeds will be REALLY spicy. 1/4 of jalapeño with seeds will be mild. Pulse till small bits. Place in bowl with cherry tomatoes. 

4. Add the rest of the ingredients in the bowl. 

5. Squeeze juice from lime into bowl. 

6. Combine all salsa ingredients.


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