Meal Prep Like a Bad Ass


Today I thought I'd do something a little different and share with you the lunches I prepped for myself this week! So I guess in a way I'm calling myself a bad ass. Lol.  Well what can I say....they don't misspell my name BrASSwell for nothin'!


Real talk. What it means to be a bad ass in prep:

1. A BA doesn't need to be making all kinds of different dishes for each day of the week because that would take an all day Sunday affair and a BA has people to see, things to do! 

2. A BA can make many different looking dishes with the same ingredients.  Tricking the mind, thus keeping the body from being non bored thus keeping all the wonderful things we want to go on for our body in forward motion.

3. A BA thinks out of the box.  Forget all the rules and have fun with real ingredients and eating the rainbow.  

Check out what I did this week....

I designed 4 different dishes out of the same 6 prepped ingredients! 


1.  Cook chickpeas.

2. Roast whole carrots.

3. Tear up kale into small pieces with hands. Wash and allow to air dry as much as possible. 

4. Pickle beets if you don't have on hand. 

5.  Spiralize summer squash.

6. Make hummus with some of the chickpeas.

Meal #1

Monday meal: mostly kale, chickpeas, beets, chopped carrots, summer squash noodles, fresh parsley, and hummus. Massaged hummus into salad with hands. 

Meal #2

Put some hummus in a small pot and thinned out with water to coat the summer squash noodles better.  This is more summer squash noodle dominant with torn up kale, chopped pickled beets and roasted carrots, fresh parsley leaves, and chickpeas.

Meal #3

Spread some hummus on a coconut wrap.  Put kale pieces in a small food processor to make even smaller.  Added on top of hummus with some summer squash noodles and fresh parsley leaves. Placed 1 whole roasted carrot in the middle. Rolled. 

Meal #4

Ran out of hummus so did a simple extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and lemon dressing.  Kale was chopped up even smaller in small food processor, summer squash noodles and chickpeas.   Topped with pickled beets.

Ran out of the roasted carrots but luckily I had some prepped orange vegetable in my freezer.

Sweet potato crunchies!  This recipe and more crunchy ideas will be in the book! 

What do you think?! Does this help? I can def share more ideas! Please please comment below! I'm here to help! 

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 And Happy Valentine's Day! Don't the Strawberry Shortcakes look cute? :)-xo L

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