Five Meal Prepping Tips


 If you want to reach your 2018 fitness goals, unless you have the benjamins to afford a reputable meal service or private chef, you need to get to steppin' on the preppin'!

1. Grocery shopping...which gets easier the more acquainted you are with your store...still is a job in itself and often the most hated part of meal prepping. Ideally, get this done if you can after work on Friday so you don't have to fight wkd crowds and rest at night knowing you don't have to grocery shop on one of your no alarm clock mornings. If you really hate grocery shopping and are not particular with picking out your produce, look into online shopping services provided by your local grocery store (I know Walmart in MD has it and Lowe's in Myrtle Beach)  where you order online and the bag is ready for you to go! 

2. This 90 sec step, reduces anxiety wrinkles of prepping by 10 years. 


Thursday-Recipes and shopping list complete

Friday-Grocery Shop

Saturday night- Start meal prep. Chicken in slow cooker, soak your beans, soak your nuts, etc

Sunday-Major meal prepping day

Wednesday-Mini meal prepping day.  This is an optional abbrieviated prep day lasting 1-1.5 hrs with the purpose of shortening your Sunday meal prep day. Personally, I much rather know I'm only prepping for 2-3 hours on Sunday and 1 hour mid week, then 4-5 hours on Sunday.  This may not work for everyone's schedule or maybe one week it works, one week it doesn't.

3. Theme nights will help direct you, takes some thinking out of planning and are fun! Who doesn't love Taco Tuesday?! Every Tuesday it's lentils and/or grass fed ground beef on a tortilla with lettuce and tomatoes and you just change up the sauce! One week its guac. The next it's cashew cheese!  If you have kids, they won't care they are having pretty much the same thing as last Tuesday because it's Taco Tuesday! 

4. Have a plan of attack in the kitchen. Before you start prepping have your recipes and have an idea of the order you are going to prepare the food. Your proteins will typically have the longest time to cook, so start with those. Then maybe you chop up all your veggies. Then you work on your sauces. I found it easier when I worked at Pump Cafe to do all my veggies at one time and all my sauces at one time rather than work on one recipe at a time. 

5. Keep it simple! Especially when you are just starting. Simply create a few different dishes for the week. It's okay to eat the same thing 2...3 days in a row! On the same note, stick with easy recipes! This is not the time to tackle Michelin meals. 

I  hope these tips help you in your prep! Have any more tips to add/share? Comment below!

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