Chipotle Black Bean Pasta Bowl

So I know I was kinda shading a little on the black bean pasta on Wednesday's post, and maybe I just had to get use to them a little or maybe it just needed a different dish to shine. their moment.

Part of meal prep and cooking in general that is draining is the unsureness involved. Especially if you are learning a dish for the first time.  I recommend when you cook something, go immediately for round 2.  Meaning make it a second time while it's fresh in your mind.  You're familiar with the process and you will most likely improve upon the dish because you will be less stressed.  Using this tactic is great for a mid week meal prep. 

Example: Since you already made black bean pasta for the first half of the week for the Avocado Pesto Black Bean Pasta Bowl, make it again for the second half.

On Sunday when I cooked the pasta, I grazed around the stovepot, but on Wednesday while it cooked, I emptied the dishwasher, peeled zucchini, chopped mango, etc because I was more confident.  In turn, it shortened my meal prep time and the experience was enjoyable because I wasn't stressed! Plus my second pasta bowl was even better than the first! 

Yes you are using black bean pasta AGAIN, but you are making it with a completely different look and if you want a different kinda dish every day, you are going to have to dedicate more time to the kitchen. Do we really want this? ESPECIALLY during the summer?

With that said, I believe you will LOVE this dish. Unlike the pesto bowl, I designed this one around the black bean noodles which taste amazing with Mexican flavors! If you don't have the black bean rotini because I scared you away from Wednesday's post, use regular black beans! Keep scrolling down for the recipe! 


Click on this image and save as! Print out and store in your recipe box or binder!

Have you tried the black bean rotini yet? Would love to hear! BTW I used Trader Joes! 

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