Mexican Rice and Beans

So I don't ALWAYS use fresh vegetables.  Admittingly, most of my weekday night dinners have some frozen vegetables in them.  I still always use some fresh with every meal but the convenience of frozen is hard to pass up.  Especially when they can be more affordable and organic!  
It can be really difficult to find all produce fresh and organic in non fancy grocery stores, but thankfully there can be success in the frozen department.  
Normally, if I'm doing a big meal prep on Sunday, I will prep only fresh vegetables.  I use frozen when I'm whipping up a quick meal which typically is a weeknight meal and I will consume it that night or the next day at the latest.  Although, every once in awhile there are exceptions.  Like when I am very limited in meal prep time like this week as I'm traveling.   This is when we embrace our frozen vegetables and pay gratitude to modern food packaging preservation technology! (not modern food manufacturing...that's completely different :))
This dish is designed with two frozen organic veggies, corn and cauliflower rice.  I purchased both at Costco which has an awesome assortment of organic frozen veggies at great prices.
Corn is said to be a top allergen (which I believe just like soy could be an environmental cause as soy and corn are byproducts in a lot of food), so you could most certainly take out of this dish.  If you do use it, only use organic as corn is one of the top GMO (genetically modified) foods.
My body seems to do well with corn  I don't eat anything else that is made from corn like corn starch products and I don't eat it all the time, so I feel totally okay with enjoying here and there.  I just love its natural sweetness! Helps my killer sweet tooth out!  Plus it's a vegetable! 
This dish takes a bit of time if using dry beans, but it's definitely worth it as it's filling with tons of fiber to help get those aging toxins out! Also you will get lots of servings! 8-9 servings which will stay fresh for days!  I made on Sunday and enjoying until today! I also added chopped romaine a couple of times for some extra greenage! 
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