Muscle Building Red Lentil Hummus

On Wednesday I shared my quest for plant based sources of amino acid leucine to help with rebuilding muscle lost post surgery.  I discovered red lentils contain leucine which I used to create tortillas for Indian Tacos!  Another fun way to enjoy red lentils is in a hummus!

I love thy chickpea hummus, but due to the protein blueprint when designed with lentils, this may be my new fav!

Although lentils contain leucine, they lack amino acids, methionine and cystine, therefore they are not considered a complete protein.  There was a belief you needed to have a complete protein per dish for optimal benefits, but lately the research is saying as long as you have all the essential amino acids in that given day.  To be on the safe side, might as well try to combine food sources to create a compete protein dish in one sitting.  It just so happens sesame seeds contain both methionine and cystine making this a complete protein hummus! 

By the way, if you are concerned now with the tacos, simply sprinkle sesame seeds on top! 

Use this earthy tasting hummus as a dip, sandwich or pizza spread, pasta sauce or a savory muffin topping!  


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