Body Toning Jalapeño Parsley Pesto

Adding jalapeños to a pesto was one of the best ideas I borrowed from raw food culinary king Matthew Kenney. I used the peppers for a twist on my Ironman Pesto at Pump Cafe and it was a hit! A customer favorite! It just adds a fierce flavor punch which if you're not using pine nuts and fresh basil to make a pesto you need.

I don't use pine nuts a lot in my cooking simply because they are crazy expensive.  To design pestos I instead like to use hemp seeds as I've found it's a great way to enjoy one of my favorite sources of complete plant based protein.

To make this more detoxing I used parsley instead of basil. 

I designed the pesto on one of my Sunday preps and enjoyed until Saturday! One of my fave ways to enjoy was this quinoa bowl. To make this dish paleo switch out the hemp seeds for chicken.

Jalapeño Parsley Pesto 

Fresh Parsley, 1 bunch (I used curly parsley)

Jalapeños, 3-4 deseeded except keep the seeds of one

Hemp Seeds, 1 cup

Lemon, juice from 1

Sea Salt, to taste

Garlic, 1 clove

EVOO, add till you have the desired consistency, apx 1/2 cup-3/4 cup


1. Cut off or use hands to tear off the parsley leaves. 

2. Place all ingredients except the EVOO and jalapeño seeds into a food processor.

3. Add a little bit of jalapeño seeds till you have the spice level you want. 1/4 of the jalapeño seeds is usually mild, 1/2 is medium, and all seeds from one is usual hot! But everyone is different. 

4. Add EVOO while food processor is running until you have your desired consistency of pesto. 

Quinoa Macro Bowl

quinoa, cooked

sweet potatoes, cubed small, lightly steamed 

zucchini, riced

iceburg lettuce, shredded

red cabbage, sauerkraut (or you can use store bought)


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