Mini PB & Strawberry Sweet Potato "Toast" Sandwiches #OnTheGo #BodyFood

One of my former & future clients is a hair salon owner & stylist.  From what I've experienced, (one involving a really famished pregnant stylist resulting in the world's worst hair cut & many months of ponytails) hair stylists will go through hours of not eating. I have no idea where they get their stamina.  If I had one guess they don't eat all day then have a huge dinner & are still full most of the next day until they end up eating another huge dinner. Repeat. I've been there & this is a cycle for fat gain.  So I have to design meals that my girl can eat while on the fly...especially on the days she does my hair.:)  

She can easily eat these guys with her fingers or fork grabbed in between blow outs. Small but they pack in a lot of nutrients keeping her energized, satisfied & alert without weighing her down.

Month 1 of training with me these will be designed with almond butter instead of PB.  Peanuts are high in omega 6 fatty acids which when balanced with omega 3 fatty acids is not bad, but I like my clients to eat more omega 3 rich food sources in the beginning as their diet is usually void of them. Omega 3s are highly anti inflammatory & absolutely essential for a fierce body & mind. 

Mini PB & Strawberry Sweet Potato "Toast" Sandwiches

Sweet potato, 1

Homemade or natural PB, 2 Tbsp

Freeze dried strawberries

Coconut oil, 1-2 Tbsp


Cut off the ends of a sweet potato & cut thinly as possible. To help with balance I will cut off one of the sides of the potato so it can sit flat.

Trim off peel with knife. 

Heat up 1 Tbsp of coconut oil in a pan & lie as many slices as you can. Do not overlap. Cook for about 5 min then flip. If oil disappears & pan is burning you can add more oil.

Cook until fork tender.

Place slices back on cutting board & cut into squares or close to it. You may have some trapezoids but that's okay. 

Top half of the squares with PB & a freeze dried strawberry.

Top with naked slices to make little bit sized sandwiches. 





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