Pumpkin Curry Soup

Key to curry is LOTS of spices!

In Sexy Starts in the Kitchen, I have a page devoted to a handful of spices I used in the book outlying their functional benefits.  Within the writeup I mention to not be scared to add more spice than a recipe calls for if you love its flavor, especially since spices are so medicinal.  Well, on "The Kitchen" this past weekend Sunny advised the same!  Something said for natural instincts and experience! 

I mean don't go cray, but If something calls for 1 clove of garlic and you love garlic, add a couple extra cloves!

And please....PUHLEASE use fresh spices!! They are like the foundation of your recipe and no matter how much time you put into a recipe if you aren't using quality spices your dish will taste like sh*@!  


This soup contains three of the biggest anti-inflammatory agents! Ginger, garlic and turmeric! You will look and feel amazing all week! Flu what?!?


1. If you can't find PIE PUMPKIN substitute acorn squash.  They basically taste the same! Pie pumpkin might just be slightly sweeter.

2. I use THAI KITCHEN's RED CURRY PASTE.  It comes in a very small jar.

3.For coconut creme I use organic NATIVE FOREST FULL FAT COCONUT MILK. Comes in a green jar.  This is my current favorite because it's basically all cream!

4.  DO NOT by any means substitute ginger powder for the fresh ginger!  The taste will be compromised!  I didn't have ginger on hand but luckily I had ginger paste.  I take a big fresh piece of ginger.  Peel and roughly chop and place in blender with 1 tbsp or more extra virgin olive oil (just to make a paste consistency which also helps to preserve it-I honestly have no idea when I made this) Store in a jar in a fridge.  

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