Pumpkin Dog Biscuits!

Last weekend I watched my dad's and stepmom's 9 year old shih tzu rescue, Lulu.  Gotta love a L name. ;)  I've been thinking about having a pet for awhile now since I live by myself and spend many nights alone, but have been vascilating between a cat or a dog.  So I was really excited to spend time with Lu.  

I didn't plan much for the weekend so I could be with her and pumpkin was still the cooking theme.  I mentioned at work I was doing pumpkin dishes and my co worker, Shawna, who regularly fosters animals and finds owners for rescues proclaimed pumpkin is good for dogs. Da daaaa! Idea came!  I'm making dog biscuits!

I already had some bone cookie cutters (imagine that) and being who I am, loved the idea of making something healthy for someone else to enjoy.  I had already planned to make drop biscuits for me so it was just really cute how as I was making biscuits for me, I was making biscuits for Lu! Who watched me the whole time.

Beforehand I did go to the grocery store to check out the dog biscuits ingredients to make sure I was on track on the recipe I found.  This recipe unlike my others, I cannot take credit for.  

The result....

Lulu is kinda picky and even sniffs at regular dog bones.  She did eat them once I broke them up.  Then, I brought them into work and our company's dog Shortblock loved them! Ate in 2 minutes! Also another co worker of mine Wendy shared to her dog Nellie and she loved them too!   

They are really so simple to make!  No preservatives and contain good vitamins for healthy and happy paws! Why not at least try?

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