Pumpkin Mac and Cheese with Spicy Cranberry Ketchup


A plant based Mac and Cheese that is full of fiber and protein for body toning! 

I'm starting to think about Thanksgiving while I have a bunch of dishes I've already done, I want to change things up a bit as my skills and confidence in the kitchen have grown.  Of course I still want to make them easy to follow and fit your 9-5 lifestyle.

I'm playing with fall veggies designing a few dishes for each to see which one would make the best Thanksgiving presentation.  I want to provide my family an array of vegetables and I want to do so in an innovative, tasty and pretty way.  Currently I'm working on pumpkin.  While the Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Latte Pancakes would be great for Thanksgiving morning, especially if you went out the night before, not so much for dinner.

I loved this Mac n Cheese version with pumpkin.  The past few years I've used butternut squash which I still may test again using this formula with tofu and coconut as I've never had it that way before,  but I really did love it with the pumpkin.  


1. You'll notice in the recipe I have 1 tbsp of salt.  That is not a typo.  This needs it.  In fact a lot of dishes aren't bad or bland, they simply need more salt.  When picking salt to use I have been using kosher because it's clean meaning no other added ingredients.  You need to look at your salt package.  Just because it says sea salt and natural does not mean it's only salt and you do not want the extra stuff.  It's cheaper but it has more filler!  Not only is this not healthy and toxic but it will also affect the taste of your dish.  Spices are the root of a good dish and a reason why a lot taste bad. 

2. I used Native Forest Organic Full Fat Coconut Milk for the coconut creme.  I use this brand almost always as they whole can is basically creme! Make sure to set in fridge overnight although I'm not sure you need to do that anymore!  But do it anyway just in case!


I've started to store my ketchup at room temperature.  I was reading an article in Food and Wine "14 Unexpected Items that these Chef's Never Refrigerate" and ketchup was one of them which I immediately started to do because I love room temperature ketchup so much better.  Plus it kinda makes sense.  It should be acidic enough to preserve itself and you aren't suppose to store regular tomatoes in the fridge as they lose their taste. 

I just started storing my ketchup in my cabinet 2 weeks ago and so far no issues.  I love my ketchup and when I use it I tend to use more than a serving of one, so I can go through bottles fairly quickly.  The article suggested if you don't use often put in the fridge.   I'll keep you posted on this test! 

I hope you enjoy this recipe!  If you want to use a whole box of the pasta just double up on the sauce!  Any extra sauce you can add to veggies!   I used extra to mix with steamed broccoli! 



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