Roasted Butternut Squash Stuffed Chickpea Pasta


I love dishes that elicit memories and to me this nostalgia is part of the meaning behind the phrase food is thy medicine. I'm not sure if that's what Hippocrates meant by it, but when I use the phrase I'm referring to not only the healing nutrients in foods but also the community and happiness food breeds which are also both part of a living well lifestyle.

While cooking was not my mother's jam she still fed us and since it wasn't what she enjoyed doing it meant that much more to me that she had plates filled.  She cooked solely out of love for me because even back then I was a pain in the ass and didn't like eating out much. (I think inherently I knew the health of home cooking.) There are a few dishes that she made extremely well, one of which was my favorite, Stuffed Shells.  When I see or hear of the dish I think of my mom and the love she put in making this dish for me, which just makes me so happy. :)

While this dish is inspired by my mother's stuffed shells, it is definitely a twist. I have yet to find jumbo stuff pasta shells that are plant based, so I had to make my own. Actually making pasta with chickpea flour is fairly easy. You only need to add a little bit of water to it and I used pysllium husk powder to help bind. I haven't mastered a shell shape, so I compromised with a tube shape. The pasta is a little more chewy than traditional, which will help you to fill up faster as well the additional protein and fiber chickpea flour brings. Scroll down for full recipe. 



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