Add Skin Glowing Nutrients To Your Carrot Cake!

Yogurt provides us nutrients for better gut health, probiotics. Probiotics help improve our digestion. The better our digestion is the better we can break down foods to receive the nutrients we need for such things as body toning, skin glow and mind health.  

But we can't be using Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt, it must be organic and from grass fed animals. Best being if you can find raw yogurt from grass fed sheeps and goats, but that can be almost impossible to find.  Non raw will still be processed but you will still receive some digestive benefits and if you have a recipe which needs cream cheese this is your better for you option. 

If you are lactose intolerant, as I am, this dish may work for you if you can find raw yogurt from goat's milk which contains less lactose. Otherwise this dish is not for you. Wait for the coconut milk version.

So how do you turn yogurt into cream cheese? You strain it! So simple! 

Editor's note: You may notice something different about this dish. It is not vegan.  While I advocate plant based eating, the focus of my efforts is more about functional nutrition and food's role in being our medicine. I respect everyone's dietary choices, and believe everyone has a personalized diet plan that best suits their lifestyle, ethical beliefs and genetics. My role is to educate and offer ways to make eating for wellness more convenient and accessible for real women and men who are much too busy to spend endless hours in the kitchen nor have the culinary background or equipment to produce michelin chef meals. With that said don't expect it to turn into Outback Steakhouse on here. Plant based dishes will still be the star and NutraCouture snacks and spices will still be 100% plant based. 

Equipment needed:

(1) Nut bag 

(1) Medium size bowl


(1) raw or organic grass fed yogurt (I used Organic Valley found at The Fresh Market)


1. Hang your nut bag over your bowl.

2. Place yogurt into nut bag.

3. Hang overnight or at least 8 hours. The yogurt will slowly drip off. You will know when its ready when it feels and looks like the consistency of cream cheese.

4. Put cream cheese into a container and place in fridge. Will last for 1-2 weeks when using non raw yogurt.  


Love my l'il spatulas. Also a good investment. 

Cream cheese over mini raw carrot cakes.

If you give this a go comment below and/or use hashtag #SexyStartsInTheKitchen on Instagram!

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