Strawberry Granola Bars

My good friend Jillian is going through a very difficult time. Maintaining her privacy and only sharing what she has posted on social media, a few weeks ago her husband suffered a crippling fall which entails a life changing injury.  One of which will require a lot of attention from Jill while she must work a full time job, maintain the household and take care of her young son.  As if this isn't enough, she had just started recovering from losing her father to a battle with cancer this past winter. 
This is heavy shit and it makes reality show drama look like amateur hour. 
Although I cannot fully comprehend the emotional and mental state of my friend, I can understand the stress of seeing a loved one in a constant state of distress. I've experienced watching a husband taking care of his wife for many, many years and seeing the toll it had on him (my father).  If she does not take care of herself, which we all know she will most likely put herself last because that's what us women do, it could physically be damaging to her as well.  A constant state of stress raises cortisol levels and affects our cytokine balance which in turn can worsen one's immune system which can lead to sickness and possibly disease.  It's so, SO important not just for Jillian, but for everyone to include self care daily. It's not selfish, it's survival.
Eating well is one of the best ways to take care of ourselves.
When I learned of the incident, I knew Jill would be running all over the place with little or no time to even think about cooking let alone prepare it.  She had some family with her so I was thinking they might do some cooking, but I still wanted to provide her with a healthy bite that would provide her with anti inflammatory and mood enhancing nutrients to help keep her well and show her I was thinking about her. I wanted her to be able to just throw it in her purse.  I wanted it to be something she could enjoy in the morning to start her body and mind off in the right way.  Also, I figured her desire to eat would be small so I wanted something very nutrient dense.
The Sisterhood Bars I'm calling them as Jillian and I were in the same sorority...we've had many crazy adventures together!...would make a nice gift to any girlfriend for any reason or even to yourself! 
It's something little and of course I always wish I could do more for my friends regarding wellness. I don't however ever push any of my nutrition beliefs on any of them, but when things are settled down and if Jill would like to hear or would like me to teach her some things in the kitchen I will be there! 
Sharing the gift of health is really one of the best to show someone you care. If you do send some of this sparkle to a friend or for you or your family please share by commenting below! Or just comment! haha
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