Another zucchini boat that your mind will love! 

Last post I shared the Eggplant Parm Zucchini Boats which are vegan and gluten free.  This version is low sugar, low carb and high in fat and protein satisfying more of a keto/paleo diet. 

Food Design

The first time I tried this I used canned wild caught Alaskan salmon.  It wasn't bad but I still felt like it needed something.  I wondered if it needed more herbs or spice because that's usually the problem I find with most dishes.  It's also the only thing I was willing to add as I wanted to keep this a low starch dish and I already had the fat and protein I wanted.  Leaving me only adding another vegetable which would have made the process longer than I wanted and I didn't think it would make too much difference in taste. This situation was just a matter of using a higher quality ingredient.  What ingredient do you think I switched up?  Yup....the salmon!  That simple switch from canned to fresh made a huge difference! 

Cooking Notes 

Using fresh salmon takes a little bit longer to prepare because for canned all you have to do is break out your can opener.  Using fresh though takes maybe 15 extra minutes.  I simply added salt and brushed on some extra virgin olive oil on my salmon before placing it on the grill pan.   I do use a frozen piece that I dethawed that is apx 1 lb.  So I had to cut in pieces to fit on the grill pan which I do with kitchen scissors.  It only cooks for 10 minutes as I cook mine till medium rare.  My brother-in-law is a chef and this he told me is the best way to eat salmon and I agree!  I use to bake till it would form those white beads which I thought meant it was done when actually it means it's overcooked!  I kinda liked salmon then (this was pre vegan years) but I love salmon now (which I had to really buy into post vegan years). Try it and tell me how you like it. BTW..the cost for fresh salmon compared to canned per weight is basically the same! 

Food Science 

Wild caught salmon is listed as one of the top foods for strengthening your brain in Max Lugavere's well researched best selling book Genius Foods.  Besides it being a source of fatty acids, salmon contains a carotenoid (carotenoids are plant pigments that give bright red, yellow and orange hues to many fruits and vegetables) called astaxanthin.   It gives salmon it's reddish, pink color. Astaxanthin (click on for pronounciation) is quite a sexy nutrient providing a number of benefits for body, beauty and mind.  For our minds it promotes neurogenesis the creation of new brain cells.  That's exactly what I'm looking for in a power lunch as I go from strategizing at my 9-5 then unto evening editing for my purpose side hustle!

If you want the faster way which while it might be a star lower in taste is still full of all the nutrients (maybe less astaxanthin judging from the color but still some!) for a strong mind, use the canned wild caught salmon!  Still looks good too! See!.....


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