Spinach Hearts of Palm Bruschetta, Cauliflower Lasagna Rolls Stuffed with Spinach Hearts of Palm Dip topped with a Pomegranate Glaze, and Spinach Hearts of Palm Dip with Cauliflower Pita Chips

When I was a young girl, I didn't want my mother to buy me new clothes because I wanted to put outfits together with the clothes I already had.  I've always enjoyed being creative and I guess I knew at a young age that having less breeds creativity.  I challenge myself the same way in the kitchen.  

Sometimes I have a complete planned idea (including a checklist and kitchen strategy worksheets!) of what I'm going to make over the weekend which is when I do most of my cooking, but as I've progressed I've found myself developing more dishes in the moment.  Lately I've been making a handful of different things on Saturday and that night (if not out and about..it is cold outside now!) I'll make a list of what I made then think of how I can use them together to make a dish...or two..or three!  A lot of times I'll create a few different dishes from the same sub recipes.  Just as you would with outfits!  You know you've created at least 10 different looks with those 501s!

This is how I end up making a bunch of different dishes on the weekend without spending my whole weekend in the kitchen.  I don't necessarily make a ton of food, I simply assemble a handful of recipes in different ways to create different looks.  While I enjoy the cooking, I really love this design part.  This is my version of food styling!  

I mostly style the dishes off of color, texture, and function.  Very seldom flavor combinations, as that is not my strong suit, but I'm improving!  Still, you eat with your eyes first, and besides the nutrition the dishes provide, their final look is most important to me and a lot of my unusual combinations seem to work flavor wise anyway! 

This past weekend I styled with:



I made CAULIFLOWER LASAGNA "NOODLES" with frozen cauliflower rice, tapioca starch and eggs.  Filled them with the SPINACH AND HEARTS OF PALM DIP then topped with POMEGRANATE GLAZE.

(Please excuse the yellow undertones, trying to figure out my new lighting for the time change and was in a bit of a rush to get to my niece's birthday party!) 

I was able to turn the CAULIFLOWER LASAGNA "NOODLES" into CAULIFLOWER CHIPS by cutting into small squares and cooking them in my cast iron skillet with coconut oil. I dipped them in the SPINACH AND HEARTS OF PALM DIP and topped with some POMEGRANATE ARILS. (first photo)

On Sunday I made another batch of the chips with the addition of roasted sweet potatoes! 

I toasted some pieces of PUMPKIN PLANTAIN BREAD, spread some SPINACH HEARTS OF PALM DIP on top, and drizzled with the POMEGRANATE GLAZE to make a Bruschetta! 

They all look very festive right?!

All recipes below! Will have the Bread recipe coming soon! 

B.Well B.More,


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