Spring Vegetable Pasta


Making homemade noodles is not nearly as intimidating as it sounds and it's quite therapeutic.  It's something you can do while you watch a TV show, listen to a podcast, music, talking on speaker phone or simply do in silence.  It does involve a special piece of equipment, but you don't need to go fancy. Mine was purchased at Target for around $30. Making the dough comes together easily, but there is a small learning curve in handling your pasta maker.  Once you figure it out, it goes fast.  It took me an hour total to learn how to use my pasta maker, how to situate my pasta between cutting, and to cut my pasta.  While there have been times learning a cooking process has been with aggravation, this one I enjoyed.  After your noodles are done cutting they only take a few minutes to cook and you make tons of pasta to freeze for later! Next time too will go much faster! 

However...if you are short on time...

You can enjoy this dish with store bought pasta!  There will be a minor change in flavor, but with the only veggie prep being asparagus, will come together rather quickly!

While this pasta does contain gluten, it's made from organic 00 flour from Italy.  In Europe they don't have harsh wheat manufacturing like we do in the states.  Those with celiac disease can sometimes even handle this flour, however if gluten does bother you definitely enjoy with plant based noodles! 

It's designed with seasonal vegetables asparagus and green peas which provide us with fit nutrients we must have!  I made for my family for Easter and my dad loved it! 

Aren't these sexy looking!?!


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