Cacao Strawberry Brazil Nut Plantain Cakes #GutHealth #BodyFood

First time I had plantains was when I lived in Costa Rica during my Sophomore year.  I lived there for one amazing life changing month.  My host mom would make plantains at least 3 times a week, & besides the fresh juices & bean spread bread, they were my favorite thing she made. I haven't had them since, only because I thought to enjoy I would have to fry them.  Then I learned they are a form of resistant starch that helps with gut health, so I had to bring them back in my life.

Resistant starch is a kind of starch that is not digested in the small intestine, hence its name. Instead, your gut bacteria processes it, creating beneficial molecules that promote balanced blood sugar and healthy gut flora. In other words, when you eat resistant starch, it “resists” digestion and does not spike blood sugar or insulin.-Dr.Mark Hyman

Coconut oil seems to work for everything so I gave it a go & it worked!  They don't turn out the same way as you would frying obviously.  Texture is like a cross between a banana & a potato.  They make me think of being a harder pancake because of their slightly sweet, neutral taste. Does that make sense? Because of this neutralness you can top them off in so many different ways. My sweet tooth has been on fire given my drop in wine usage so I went with a dessert, yet beauty combo of raw cacao, brazil nuts, & freeze dried strawberries. 

Cacao Strawberry Brazil Nut Plantain Cakes 

Plantain, ripe, 1

Coconut oil, 1-2 Tbsp

Cacao 1 Heaping Tbsp

Raw honey (if non honey vegan you could use maple syrup or coconut nectar) 1-2 Tbsp

Brazil Nuts, 2, chopped up

Freeze Dried Strawberries, 2, broken up


Peel plantain. I cut off the ends then with the knife slice down lengthwise just peel deep. Not all the way. With hands rip off the peel. It will feel stuck to it. That's normal. 

Slice plantain.

Heat up 1 Tbsp of coconut oil on medium high heat.

Add plantains to pan. Flip to cook both sides. You can always add more coconut oil if you need to.

Meanwhile mix cacao with honey. Add honey till you get a syrupy consistency.

Top plantains with cacao, brazil nuts, & strawberries.  

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