Summer Vegetable Mahi Mahi Suffed Peppers with Creamy Detoxing Almond Sauce

Summer is flying by :( but we still have one more month of sun! 

I've been able to escape to the beach for a few weekends and the last one I had some incredible noteworthy salads.  If you live in Maryland and visit Ocean City, I highly recommend the cobb salad at Sunset Grill. My girlfriend ordered it and I had some bites and it was soooo good! Unfortunately one of the best parts, the dressing, had me reaching for my cover up.  I'm exaggerating, but those dressings are not the best for the summer bod.  But who doesn't love a creamy dressing!?

I got you! 

You can make a great tasting beach body friendly creamy dressing that also benefits your mind with nuts and zucchini! Not only is it chemical and hormone free, but it also includes two top detoxing herbs, cilantro and parsley!  If you're like me you definitely could use some detoxing about now! 

Here I did a combo of almonds and zucchini.  I didn't add jalapeños to my sauce instead I topped my dish with pickled jalapeños but if you like spice I would add some with some seeds to punch up the sauce a bit!

I enjoyed the sauce with this stir fry or as a snack, I simply dipped pieces of iceburg lettuce in the sauce. 

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