Spicy Pickled Guacamole

 Spicy Pickled Guac with Yucca Heart Pita Chips 

Summer crops are some of the best to pickle & with their bold flavor can add sparkle to any dish!

Detoxing cilantro, moisturizing avocado, metabolism boosting jalapeños & endurance enhancing raw red onion make this a fit & beauty guac! 

Pickled Spicy Guacamole 

In a bowl put in the following:


cilantro leaves, a handful ripped off with your hands

pickled jalapeño relish (see recipe below), 1-2 Tbsp

pickled red onion, chopped small (see recipe below), 1-2 Tbsp 

sea salt to taste

juice from lemon or lime, 1 good squeeze 

Mash all together with fork.

Pickled jalapeño

In a jar mix 1/2 cup raw apple cider vinegar, 1/2 tsp sea salt & 2 tsp coconut sugar or raw honey. 

Shake jar. 

Cut up jalapeño really small. 

Add to jar. 

Pickled red onion

Do the same thing as you did with pickled jalapeño except add a bulb of garlic.

Slice 1 red onion thinly in half moon shapes.

Add red onion to jar. 

Place jars in fridge. 

Pickled food will become more pickled the longer they sit. Will last 2 weeks or longer. Perfect meal prep food. :) 


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