Sexy From Within SUMMER MUST HAVE #2 SLAW!

Last week I shared with you Summer Must Have #1, falafels!  You can check out the recipe for these guys here.

Summer Must Have #2 is Slaw! 

Slaw is:

1. Nourishing. It's a member of the bad ass cruciferous club! 

2. Tastes good raw (non cooked). Summer is a great time to eat hydrating and cooling raw foods! 

3. Affordable. One head of cabbage makes a huge bowl!

4. Easy to find. Almost any small town grocery store will have cabbage! 

5. Easy to prep. Especially when using a food processor shredding blade.

6. Traditionally a summer party food.  This will be your summer BBQ dish go to! 

7. Bikini/Banana Hammock Body friendly. Full of fiber and low calorie! One head is only 261 calories! 

Designed mainly from cabbage, jicama makes a nice addition to slaws because it has a taste and texture of a cross between an apple and a potato. It's also a natural prebiotic. We need prebiotics to lay the foundation for probiotics to thrive. Keeping our guts in check will help us maintain great health and bods during the summer!

Slaws can be enjoyed as a side dish, burger topper, in tacos, in a wrap and in a noodle bowl! This is a basic one, but its simplicity is so refreshing! 

Use either a food processor (which saves sooo much time apx. 30min) or a handheld grater to shred the cabbage and jicama. 

Don't miss out on any summer lifestyle friendly recipes designed to keep your body, beauty and mind in tip top shape! To sign up for NC's newsletter   click here!   

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