Veggie Puff Pastry Triangles and Chicken Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce


Make a sauce for the week, and create different dishes with it!  This is a huge time saver and you keep your brain from getting bored because the look of the dish always looks different!  By the time you get sick of the sauce it's gone!   

I have two more ways I used last post's Plum Sauce!  Recipe here with short video

This time I'm using it as a dipping sauce! I made the same puff pastry recipe I use all the time.  So even though this seems like more of a process, the puff pastry is like second nature to me now.  The meal prep lesson I talked about in the Grilled Peaches and Bell Pepper Yucca Pizza post, become familiar with the more difficult part of a recipe and just change it up with different easily prepared ingredients!

Although I haven't tried, I imagine you could use store bought puff pastries or wonton wrappers to replace these homemade puff pastries.  This is a great idea if you are first learning or short on time.

The triangles I filled with stir fried tofu diced small with cauliflower rice and bell pepper.


The rolls are filled with slow cooked shredded chicken thighs. Both served with cilantro as I like to dip then stick on some cilantro for extra flava and detoxing nutrients! 


And the way I've been preserving the sauce to enjoy weeks later for a real quick party of single dinner....

Ice cubes!  

I made ice cubes and storing in a jar in the freezer!   I've already used and while maybe not as fresh, they still add flavor, polyphenols and a beautiful shine glaze to my dish! 

I really hope you try this and you let me know in the comments below how you enjoyed it! 


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